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Do you carry in your house?

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I have a dog that does not like many people. So they would have to deal with her first. Than I have guns all over the house, so in no time flat I can get my hands on one.
To answer the question, Yes, much of the time... or have something strategically placed for quick access at any time.

The attached news report didn't give the impression that either would have mattered.
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Tragic. We shall have to wait and see how the investigation goes. There's always more to the story.... With two teenagers in the house I doubt the father was carrying or had immediate access to a firearm. There are loads of scenarios that come to mind as to why two masked, armed shooters show up at a house and usually it's drugs or money involved. Who knows? Wrong house?

As for me, I keep my alarm system on Stay, with all doors locked, when I'm at home and always have something have immediate access to a firearm. Should company arrive, I go to a pocket carry. I always carry when I'm outside, even if it's just a trip to the mailbox or doing yard work. I never wonder if carrying helps, I've been doing it for 45 years or so.
I know the neighborhood in the story well, its the worst part of town, literally right outside the gates of the Army post. I delivered newspapers and pizzas there many years ago while working two jobs to get out of debt.
Why their door was unlocked at 2am (apparently) is beyond me.
Like the previous poster said, there is always more to the story.

I have a few weapons placed around the house in each room, just within reach but out of sight. (no kids in house)
I try and carry while in garage working now, after this recent event up in okc
Man shot by Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper was correction center escapee | News OK
Yes I do, and I also keep my doors locked when I am at home. I'm pretty anal about making sure my sons do not leave the doors unlocked. If someone is going to come into my house, they are going to, at the least, have to make some noise.
Yes, of course, except when showering!
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No because I have no reason to where I presently live, A gated community that has not seen a break in during the 17 years that I have lived here. Would I if my circumstances where different HELL YES.
Yes. Been a habit for many years now. Pistol goes on the bedside table when I undress for bed, and goes on my belt as I dress every morning. I live in a fairly quiet rural area, but if you watch the news you'll see that many killings are home invasion situations these days.

Just my opinion: Once you make the decision to carry, the only behavior that makes any sense is to carry all the time!
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Not always, but probably not a bad idea. Like others have said, there is always one easily accessible nearby.
I do not carry in the house. But like some others do have a couple in handy locations around the home. Also at my bedside at night.
Yes, of course. :encouragement:
Occupant kills suspect during Forest Acres home invasion - - Columbia, South Carolina |

A story from my part of the planet... I don't live in Chicago, most of the folks I know down here keep a firearm or two handy around their house. Any intruder(s) who forces his way into a home does so at their own risk.
Yes. If I'm dressed, I'm armed. The only time that my carry weapon is not on my person, is when I have to run into the courthouse or school, etc. Otherwise, on me or on the nightstand while sleeping. I've made it a point to always carry.
Lol, I carry longs guns on a sling if I'm home.
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Ever scenes Obama got in there I started to carry full time, and it is getting worse every year.:miserable:
I carry in the home always. If I feel it's a distraction, then it goes to my ankle holster; particularly when the pajamas come out.
Almost always. My house has been broken into once. In daytime. Now, if they get past my American Bulldog, and the alarmed doors and windows, they will meet me and my 10 round (9 round extended mag, 1 in chamber), LC9.
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