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Do you carry at church?

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In light of the recent act of domestic terrorism at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, I thought I'd ask the question.

Me: SC requires "express permission" from a pastor or leadership to carry in a church or other house of worship. I attend a LARGE church and am currently not in any leadership role. Just a face in the crowd. A few weeks ago I sent a brief email requesting "express permission". It was ignored. I leave Elsie in the car when I'm in worship.
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You may want to ask your Pastor face to face next Sunday. Den
Here's a relevant Scripture I haven't seen expressed:

Luk 22:35 Then Jesus asked them, "When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?" "Nothing," they answered.
Luk 22:36 He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

Swords were not carried in case one needed to pick one's teeth.
RugerSmith also mentioned the Apostles were armed at Christ's Atonement. The apostles were not allowed to use these tools for self protection. Remember the story when one of them cut off the ear of a servant and Christ healed it?
In reference to Luk 22:34-38 Christ wanted to make sure there were weapons present when he was arrested to fulfill scripture. Criminals always had weapons and Christ didn't want the people to stop his arrest. The Bible is tricky to understand. I was taught to read 10 lines before and after the line I,m trying to figure out. Just sayin.

I too carry at Church and have been lucky enough to practice this type of scenario in competition many times. Seeing what is behind the threat and moving to get the right angle for the shot without hesitation takes practice. Hostage shots take not only practice but also self confidence. I know now that when I was a range only shooter my weapon was best left in my pocket. When shooting my first scenario based drill two things were realized. I don't have a clue! and Wow this is fun! Denny
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Our church is currently held in a high school auditorium. I'm not sure who carries and who doesn't, since TN allows the option to open or conceal.
Conceal or open carry at a school! You may want to study up on this idea. Just sayin, Denny
Nope. My church prohibits it, as is their right under out state law.
You could find a Church that allows firearms unless its one of the memberships that make you go to a certain building. Den
It's all fine and dandy we carry at Church and everywhere else. What makes us all think we will be able to do the right thing in a situation? Has anyone trained or practiced looking behind the threat? Has anyone trained their subconscious to move so the backstop is clear even if you have to jump over a few pews? Has anyone even shot their weapon fully stress inoculated? Has anyone even thought about any of this? The split second we are needed would not be a good time to learn anything. Den
I agree you will never know until something happens. However, I got my conceal carry license to protect me and family. I'm not trained to be a cop and have no grand illusions that I can protect everyone just because I have a conceal carry license. Appears in this instance in SC there likely might not have been an option to bail out, just not sure. Under those circumstances I hope I could perform as I have practiced. However, if given the opportunity to escape, that would be my first plan for me and family. I did not get licensed for others. The majority of others have the same opportunity to carry as I do. If they choose not to do so, then they are responsible for themselves, not me. I know it may sound cold or calloused, but that's the way it is for me. YMMV.
I respect your opinion and would most likely take the same route most of the time. In my opinion we should both first think if we can help in the first few seconds an issue presents itself. For example in the Charleston church shooting, we would be sitting in a group of 13 people and a kid starts shooting. There wouldn't be much time to waste thinking if we should get involved. I hope we make the right decision to either jump right in or wait till we think we have to. Just some ideas to think about. Den
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I've read/heard the same reports, that he reloaded five times, but I'm somewhat skeptical of those reports. The gun he purchased was a Glock Model 41, .45 cal. The Glock 41 has a 13 round (or ten round) magazine. That means he would have fired 50-65 rounds before his fifth reload, which would have been his sixth magazine counting the one that was in the gun when he started firing; assuming, of course, that all magazines were loaded to capacity.

Considering that the one or ones reporting the number of "reloads" were in all likelihood probably not familiar with handguns, I'm suspecting that what they were referring to as "reloads" may have, in fact, been his racking the slide to clear a malfunction(s) of some type. I haven't heard or read any reports as to the number of shots actually fired. The number of casings on the floor at the scene would give a very, very close approximation.
I thought he was given his weapon on his 18'th birthday. The 41 wasn't on the market yet. Could have been a 21 and I'm thinking it was 5 reloads...Glocks don't jam. It's a shame none of the victims could stop the shooting. Den
Here is a video of an old TV show series. This one has a couple in a meeting and a gunman comes in. They run a scenario, point out mistakes, and run a similar scenario. I found it while looking for something else. you can skip the Ads. A couple other episodes I glanced at were pretty cool. Den

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