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Do you carry at church?

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In light of the recent act of domestic terrorism at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, I thought I'd ask the question.

Me: SC requires "express permission" from a pastor or leadership to carry in a church or other house of worship. I attend a LARGE church and am currently not in any leadership role. Just a face in the crowd. A few weeks ago I sent a brief email requesting "express permission". It was ignored. I leave Elsie in the car when I'm in worship.
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Thankfully I don't attend church so no need to be concern about it.
But I do believe in God, perhaps not the biblical version but none the less.

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Appears in this instance in SC there likely might not have been an option to bail out, just not sure.
Good point ! And that is the real danger whether you are armed or not. It will happen so fast and when you least expect it. Look at that Air-Force loon a couple of weeks ago up in North Dakota at that Walmart. From out of no where he just starts shooting. And this latest nut-job was actually in the bible study for over an hour and just got up and stated blasting.
I do think though we can implement tighter security measures at certain places.

I mean we have been using mental detectors at the high-schools since the 1980's . Sad to have to do it at a Church but the world has changed. And more guns didn't change it, we've always had the guns. What has changed is these young people growing up mentally ill. I got my theories but I'll leave it alone. This much I will say, these young people for the most part where not born genetically predisposition towards mental illness. And in every mass shooting since Columbine these has been a distinct correlation.

Once again good comment. :thumbsup:
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@ rpott3,

Well, if that was the case it sounds like someone might have been even able to tackle him. But as per usual as what happens people start running for cover and trying to get away.
It takes a real smooth operator to gauge what is happening and all within split seconds. People panic, start screaming and freaking out and or playing dead. Can't say I would even know what I would do, except try to find cover. It's always easier to look from the outside in and state our opinions. But I do agree that someone there armed might have, note that word 'might' have made a difference. Of course he picked a soft target, cowards usually do.
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