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Do you carry at church?

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In light of the recent act of domestic terrorism at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, I thought I'd ask the question.

Me: SC requires "express permission" from a pastor or leadership to carry in a church or other house of worship. I attend a LARGE church and am currently not in any leadership role. Just a face in the crowd. A few weeks ago I sent a brief email requesting "express permission". It was ignored. I leave Elsie in the car when I'm in worship.
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For the same reason many of my fellow Jews feel like fish in a barrel at our services and choose to carry, I feel it's only a matter of time before some ISIS lone wolf walks into a Church and goes for a mass killing.

I have no idea what our Temple's policy is, it's a non issue to me.

It's a different world, do the right thing, carry in Church.
It gives me peace of mind to hear of everyone who is prepared in Church. It's a matter of "when" and not "if." God bless ya'll. We do get to know each other a bit here in the virtual world, and you guys strike me as responsible men that will "answer the call" should the worst happen.
The answer to the above for me is I'll never know until game time, and I have done tactical training, not just range practice. That said, each of us needs to look deep inside and ask ourselves can we put down some young, crazy, evil kid, or at least try.

My answer is that I don't think I could live with myself very well if I had the opportunity to stop a tragedy, and did not act. My affairs are in order and I'd rather lose my life by trying than live in guilt for not.
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