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Do you carry at church?

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In light of the recent act of domestic terrorism at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, I thought I'd ask the question.

Me: SC requires "express permission" from a pastor or leadership to carry in a church or other house of worship. I attend a LARGE church and am currently not in any leadership role. Just a face in the crowd. A few weeks ago I sent a brief email requesting "express permission". It was ignored. I leave Elsie in the car when I'm in worship.
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I carry most every Sunday. I am an associate pastor and only one other person is aware that I carry....and she is also carrying.
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My thought is that what is legally concealed in my pocket is my business. JMO.
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Your friend didn't do you any favors.
I will say it again, what is in my pocket is my business. My wife does not even realize when I am carrying or not. There is no discussion or vote about it because nobody knows when I am carrying except one other person in the church. She happens to be a corrections officer that carries 24/7 when not in the prison so we both are aware that we have back up.
I carry every where except into an airport and courthouse.
About the same here, I try to avoid the post office too. As for the other "gun free zones" lets just say what is in my pocket is my business. I am not telling anybody what to do or even making a suggestion. But lets just say had I been at the movie theater in Aurora, Co there would have been more than one person armed.
Here's a relevant Scripture I haven't seen expressed:

Swords were not carried in case one needed to pick one's teeth.
OK, guys I am not anti-gun by any means and I pocket carry in church on a regular basis but the scripture about buying a sword is quoted on every gun forum and it is quoted out of context. That scripture is pretty “literal” in it’s meaning. They did not all go buy swords and quite to the contrary, the one that lopped off the soldier’s ear (probably Peter) was told to put his down. I believe if you study it a little deeper you will see that they needed at least one person armed to fulfill the Old Testament prophecy. One of the reasons I am a believer is because of the volume of prophecies in the Old Testament that were fulfilled. That did not all happen by happenstance. In some cases Jesus made sure it happened. For example: he surely could have and should have died from all of the beatings he took. By shear “human” will he made it to the cross. Why not just lay down and die before that? Prophecy.

My brother Denny is right on the money...this time.
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BTW, I tried to make that font bigger^^^^but I can't. I am still struggling on this website. Weird. For example when I highlight something to make a change the highlighted area flashes erratically and will not respond. Also, I have to type some letters 2 or 3 times or type really slowly or they do not show up.
Whatever. I am not the one that posted scripture. You did. Jesus sending people out armed is ridiculous and completely contrary to his overall message, but to each his own. Obviously you are free to believe whatever you want.
BTW, I am an associate pastor and I don't believe I have ever posted scripture on here. Now settle yourself down Tiger.
When I was the Bishop's Warden at a small church, I saw no need to leave my gun at home in church or at meetings. I didn't tell the people who would have not understood, the "I don't like guns" group, but I did tell a couple of vets, neither of whom carried. I don't go to church any longer, but if I were to visit one I would carry unless told not to. I have to also say that the notion of two, three, nine..., other civilians packing concealed handguns makes me very uneasy. The chances of innocent blood being spilled goes up exponentially without practice, training and set procedures and expectations. What if I'm sitting there and see a total stranger (to me) stand up and pull a gun? How do I know he is not a homicidal maniac about to open upon someone or the entire congregation? Lots of potential serious issues here.
Only one other person in the church knows I carry. She is about 60 or so and she carries too.
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Will do.
OK. Enjoy having the last word. In the future don't quote scripture on an open gun forum and then scold others for having an opinion on it. Otherwise, all good and moving on.
wow........are you done now?
I carry in church, but only on Sunday.
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