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do I need to register my LCP with Ruger ?

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hi guys, just got my LCP yesterday after checking 7 different dealers in a 100 miles radius , lucky to find one about 65 miles away !!!!

called 7 dealers in my area and everyone but the last I called had none in stock, but found 1 at Wild Indian Guns in Goldsboro NC, he gave me directions by cell phone and I drove straight there .

it was one of the 370xxxx serial number ones but had the diamond etching, so I hooked !!!! not cheap $330 but hey I WANTED IT !!

mY QUESTION IS do I need to register it with Ruger ? went to their websight and I didnt see a place to register

this is the first ruger I have owned havent shot it yet but it does feel good and no holster yet just stuck in my front pocket.

what do you guys think ?

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thanks just registered, by the way I live in Greenville N.C.

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