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LCP_Dogg said:
Can you post a pic or even a pic of this "button" you purchased?

I think I get it, but am not sure.

Is it basically like a concave plastic circle/disc that you glued onto the CT rubberized cover that is over the existing CT button?
"BUMP ONS" the plastic adhesives buttons are used to prevent scuff marks on pictures and walls as well as furniture. you can find them in most colors and in most if not all craft stores. i have even found them at walmart. my wife has bought a few for the pictures. they range from soft to hard plastic. Go to a craft store, they always have them.

That is a great idea!!!!!!!!! they remind me of a miniature plastic" Rollo" candy.
YOU guys do know what" Rollo's" are????????????
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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