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i was just curious on how the Nation's Capitol truly broke down there law enforcement units, so I checked their web site.

As follows:|31417|

The washington d.c. police dept, enforcement control units list

Metropolitan Police Department Specialized Units

The Metropolitan Police Department operates a number of units that assist the general public and other law enforcement agencies. The following list provides you with links to those units, hours of operation, and useful information.

Arrest and Criminal History Section (Police Clearances)
Asian Liaison Unit
Civil Rights and Force Investigations Branch
Communications, Office of
Corporate Support Bureau
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Liaison Unit
Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Branch
Domestic Violence Unit
Evidence Control Branch
Family Liaison Specialist Unit
Financial Crimes and Fraud Unit
Firearms and Tool Mark Examination Section
Firearms Registration Unit
Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit (GLLU)
Grants Unit
Harbor Patrol
Human Resource Management
Internal Affairs Bureau
Latino Liaison Unit
La Unidad de Enlace Latino
Major Case Victims Unit
Metropolitan Police Academy, Maurice T. Turner Jr.
Mobile Force
Patrol Services and School Security Bureau
Police Standards and Training (POST) Board
Policy Development Division
Research and Analysis Division
Sex Assault Unit
Special Liaison Units
Testing and Assessment Division
Victim Specialists Unit
Youth Investigations Branch


Here is D.C's homicide record from 1998-2008 also included is the percentages committed with firearms.

With the above information stated, How could a gun registration be helpful to the citizens by protecting them or the police who are charged with the enforcement of law and order.

What strikes me to be funny is the fact that with all of the gunlaws in place and the all inclusive diversity in it's police units, Washington D.C still is considered to be one of the most violent in the nation.


What do you think???????????

Why did the people put up with it's elected officials??????

Could gun registration actually work or be useful???????

best regards,

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