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Complete slide lock up

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I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and how they solved. I tried to load new hollowpoints into my LCP. The first round out of magazine jammed. The slide did not go all the way forward, stopping about a cm short. The slide will not move at all now. I was hoping someone has advice.
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Hey UP, it sounds like the round you are using is to long for the chamber. Can you post a pic of the pistol? Is the round pretty much chambered, just the slide not fully into battery? What kind of ammo is it? I think the bullet is wedged into the rifling of the barrel. Slate has got it right, drop the mag and press the slide against something that won't move and push. You need to dislodge the bullet from the rifling.
That also is a good option Dan. If it is available, probably the best option...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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