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velvalco said:
I have been thinking about getting my wifes LCP ceracoated or duracoated. Does anybody here have any pictures of their coated LCP's?
Here is a fella that does absolutely super work on the lcp. he did mine in a titaniujm finish with silver flecks throughout the finish. It is awsome and wear better than the glovk tennifer finish.

accurate-iron com. ask for Mike. He is not only reasonable in price but he is fast and he can put any finish you want on it. I wish I couldpost thephotos of my lcp that he did for me. he even ported the little bugger to. Just looks awsome but mys on will have to do this posting for me and he is nothere right now. Tell Mike that Bernie sent you and he will reply back fast to.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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