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Checking In From Arizona!!!

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I just learned of this new site devoted to Ruger's little pocket pistol... the LCP, and stopped by to say hello.

I've had my LCP since mid-March. It goes everywhere with me in my right front pocket in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. I consider the LCP to be a very well made pistol and will carry it until Ruger comes out with something lightweight in 9mm.

Why the LCP? I'm from Phoenix, AZ and it's hot here 4~5 months a year and still t-shirt and shorts weather another 4-5 months out of the year. The LCP is a well made and is the almost perfect go anywhere gun.

I'm looking forward to learning and sharing knowledge about the LCP. Be fore warned... I love to post pictures. ;)
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Hey Outlaw, good to see you.....
welcome outlaw, thats ok we like pictures ;)
A big big welcome to my man AZ. Good to have you here!
Welcome AZ......I winter in Mesa, will be there in a few weeks. Do you shoot up at Usery Pass or one of the local indoor ranges?

....Please help us make this forum the BEST!
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