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Cheap LCP magazine

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where is the cheapest place to but a LCP magazine?
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Right now, Cheaper than dirt with the 10 dollar off code (1037-9508) makes it about $15.66 shipped!
Thanks that as cheap as it will get.
I almost dismissed this thread because it mentioned "cheaper than dirt discount code" and I thought to myself, they mean the one that I tried last week and it already expired.

Then I thought to myself, what if there is a new code? I looked again and indeed the number appeared different. So I just tried it out on their checkout again, AND SURE ENOUGH!!

1037-9508 IS THE NEW CODE, AS OF 9/17...

i'm so happy now. I told myself I wasn't going to pay $32 for a new mag, shipped. Forget it, I don't need a spare mag that bad.

But for $20 shipped, you cannot beat this - FOR SURE!

just order two mags with this code, thanks, keep things like this coming.
Thanks guys,
I just ordered an lcp mag for $15.56 total!!!! I can't believe it. life is good :-*

now if somebody would just help me find a magazine for my beretta bobcat .22lr for cheap life would be very very good! ;D

Thanks again
Ya, payed full price for mine on cheaper then dirt because I didn't know there was a coupon. I was at my local gun store today and they were selling them for $30 each
tigertonytigger said:
Ya, payed full price for mine on cheaper then dirt because I didn't know there was a coupon. I was at my local gun store today and they were selling them for $30 each
Why pay $30 when you can buy them from the LCP store for $19? I know that's a little more than some places, but hey, you are helping support this great sight! The stuff I have already learned here has definitely made up for the little more you pay, in my opinion :)
Dang, you folks in OR have better shipping rates then US LOCALS in TX.. I was charged $10 shipping, so basically this got me free shipping! I also paid $1.80 in taxes.. Still a good deal though!
Probably means their shipping center is on the west coast...

Oregon also doesn't have sales tax. Also don't pump our own gas. But we have a state tax, and pay higher gas prices! (I think?)
I just got my CTD shipping notification. Coming UPS from Shreveport, LA. So maybe they have another shipping facility on the west coast, like you said. I know a lot of places that have 2-3 warehouses all over America in different parts, so that makes sense.

Anyways, I'm still happy!
On CTD. There is a cheaper $6 (Slower) shipping option. Then the $10. You have to use the pull down menu.
My only option was UPS ground $10. I would think there would be another option but the drop down showed me only the $10 option - I recall it vividly.

Anyways, the good news is CTD shipped it with Saturday Delivery = yes, so they will be delivering it to me tomorrow. Not in time for my CHL class (begins at 8am) but I'll have it to open when I return. :)
Got 2 on the way from CTD thanks for the promo code, grand total of $34.37 shipped :)

$17.18 ea delivered to my door.

i want to kick myself I just got one from midwayusa for $22. My total cost for shipping for Superfly, mag, x2 glock pearce grip was $10. I guess it ain't that bad. (tring to convince myself)
The Forum's Elsie Pea Store is not a bad place to buy your accessories. Your support will help keep our store alive and well too!

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Hey LCP_Dogg...
I just used the CTD #1037-9508 only two minutes ago and it's still good.
Shop away.....
Thanks to this thread I just finished purchasing 2 LCP Mags from CTD and used the $10 promo code (worked!) ground ship to my door $38 total...basically free shipping.

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