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Caution - Disassembly and the LCP's hammer block

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for those of you who MUST take their lcp competely all apart included taking the alloy frame off the grip, You will encounter a problem reinstalling the frame because of the hammer block which stays inside the grip and is NEVER TAKEN APART.

When you remove the front and back frame pin (leave the middle one alone) and then take the bottom plug out of the grip and remove the hammer spirng. An easy tool to do that is to take a coat hanger and cut it about 10 inches or so long, make a finger loop in one end and a pointed hook on the others. You can use this to remove the hammer spring with ease. don't over stretch it though..

That was the easy part. the frame will now just come out of the grip.

to reinstall is just as easy but look on the right side of the grip that tiny little hole is there for a reason. take a nail that fits in that hole or a punch or drill bit that fits in that hole and look down inside the grip. See that hammer block. just puch it allthe way forward and then push the punch/nail/bit through that hole. that locks the hammer block forward. now just slide the alloy frame back intothe grip and as you push down on it in the back then just remove the punch/bit/nail andyou have set the hammer block correctly. Otherwise the frame willnot go into place porperly. Thats what that little hole is for. really makes it simple.
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Okay, so I was totally freaking out because I have dissasembled COMPLETELY my LCP twice now to repaint the frame and the second time the trigger was accidentally pulled and I couldn't figure out how to fix the fact that the trigger was spring loaded back and would not reset... Read this post, thought about it for a second and after palming my forhead a few times to accentuate the fact that I've been a bonehead, I fixed it by winding the spring COUNTER clockwise and setting it under the trigger bar. Now the trigger resets, the gun cycles, and all is well!!! If you want to know why I painted the frame, it is because it was a raspberry LCP I bought for my wife, and she doesn't want it anymore, and I am not a person who will sell a gun unless it is in the most extreme condition and I didn't want to be caught dead carrying a pink gun. So... paint. BTW, what is a good do it yourself paint to use? I used a paint good for plastics, and it seems okay, but it will definitely need re-done in the future due to wear. And now that I've figured out the why's and how's for dissasembly and re-assembly, I feel confident in repainting in the future.
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