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I have been slow on switching my LC9s over to the Novak night sights. Took a little while to order in brass punches... picked up a new file... I finally decided to go after it. Watched the videos posted on Youtube. I wanted to be careful. One video said the new sights went in without any filing at all.

I started with the front, expecting it would be the most difficult. Not impossible to hammer off. Took a LOT of filing to get it down enough to hammer the new one in. Almost took the "Novak" printing off the bottom. The silly thing wanted to jump past center, back and forth.

I started on the rear sight. It's supposed to be windage adjustable. And on the P Series pistols, it holds down the spring loaded plunger. So I was not expecting much resistance. Pretty quickly, I was bending brass punches on this thing, and decided to take it over to the local gunsmith. He got it removed, and said it had "rusted" in place. Pistol not quite two years old. Kept clean. But concealed carried in a IWB kydex holster.

Perspiration and salt. The underside of the sight is not rusted, as much as gunked from wave after wave of perspiration, evaporation, and salt left behind.

If you are going to switch over to night sights, do it before a season of concealed carrying in summer time.
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