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I researched this since around August of last year, read reviews, etc. Finally decided to go with the American company that made a specific holster for the P94/P97, waited for other money consuming catastrophes to subside, expected that it would take six weeks to be made, accepted that I would probably receive the finished holster after the season it could be worn.

I ordered a H721 pancake holster with the thumb break. Pattern 37-97.
I received an email that the order would be ready to ship in a couple days. Could not believe they had shelf stock.
Received the holster. Immediately found that it was not the correct size. It was 1/4 inch too short. Muzzle bottomed out in the bottom of the holster. The trigger guard was 1/4 inch short of fitting into the trigger guard cavity. The thumb break would not snap. Every appearance that it was made to fit the shorter P93/P95.
The package was marked as fitting P93, P94, P95, and P97. I later noticed the pattern number imprinted in the back of the holster "37-95".

Emailed Don Hume. Sent them photos of the ill-fit.
They asked for photos of the P94. Sent those.
Got the worst possible response:
"We have discontinued the holster for the P94 and will not be making any more of those. Here is a shipping label. We will issue a refund..."

So, I'm without a P94 holster, for the pistol I have set up and ready to carry with night sights and some parts swapped out.
I have what may be the last P93 holster that exists, and though I never planned on carrying that one because it's like mint and I dislike the compound recoil spring, but if this is the last, or one of the last holsters that will ever be, I would be a fool to send it back.
The P94 holster looks like it shares the same cut pattern as the P85/P89 holster. I have asked them if they have shelf stock of that one. I could de-glaze, mold, and re-glaze to make it fit the P94.
I can look elsewhere for a P85/P89 holster to remold to fit the P94.

Kinda bummed out.
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