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Best place to buy a Super Fly?

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I've been cruising the web and found some fairly decent prices on the Desanti Super Fly, usually around $25. But, the shipping is a show-stopper at most places. I need need a $9.95 UPS or FEDEX charge for a package that weighs less than my wallet.

Has anyone found the best place to order one from?

Thanks in advance,
Dan in ABQ
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_87120_ said:
OK, Midway charges a $3.00 "handling" fee for orders under $25.00. This holster is one cent shy. The shipping was reasonable but that brings this holster to over $30.00. What a ripoff.
Sorry I misconstrued the handling fee for the shipping fee. I should slow down and read more carefully.

I also looked for a while when I bought mine. The first time I paid $31.00 total. When I wanted to upgrade to the model that accommodated the LaserGuard, I paid $28 total from Holsterwear via Ebay. I now recall I also passed on Midway because of the $3.00 handling charge.

Good luck.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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