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Be careful when you CCW

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I kind of screwed up today. Went shopping with the wife and I took my LCP in the pocket holster. We had a half hour to kill before meeting up with friends. So we went to a bar had a drink then met with our friend. After we got home I realized I still had my LCP in my pocket all that time. This gun is so easy to carry you forget you have it. It’s a no no to CCW in a bar. So be careful when carrying.
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In WI you can carry in a bar but cannot consume alcohol.
Here in PA, it matters not. In my "local" I'm "one and done" and damned if I'm going to disarm for that.
Thanks for sharing, good reminder for the rest of us.
In TN you can carry in a bar, but if your drinking you better not be carrying.

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Same in Ohio
Originally Posted by MdunnTn

"In TN you can carry in a bar, but if your drinking you better not be carrying."

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Same in Colorado
I keep a StackOn Nano safe in each vehicle to lock up my CC weapon when necessary, like when driving and pulling off in a rest area, which is a no CCW zone in NC.
Virginia is the same. No carry while drinking.
I just bought 2 of these for my cars. Not really a "safe" - more a metal box.
I don't feel comfortable leaving Elsie in the glove compartment when visiting "No-Carry" zones.
So, I think this is a better, inexpensive option.
Easily fits LCP and extra mag or two.
Comes with a cable to tether. I bought the combination lock type. Also available in Key lock for a couple bucks less.
I got mine at local Target for $14.99.

SentrySafe P005C Compact Safe with Combination Lock -
SentrySafe Compact Safe with Key Lock -
Who hasn't forgot to remove their gun going into a post office at least once. Carrying in a bar seems like a bad idea in general, as alcohol affects judgement and tempers can flare easier then normal.
Who hasn't forgot to remove their gun going into a post office at least once. Carrying in a bar seems like a bad idea in general, as alcohol affects judgement and tempers can flare easier then normal.
South Carolina is working their way through a bill to allow carrying in a restaurant/bar, if you have a CWP and don't drink. They figured the whole process for determining what percentage of sales was alcohol vs. food was too complex to mess with.

I don't frequent dives but I do like to do out to dinner at an Applebee's, a Longhorn Steak House, a Ruth's Chris Steak House or Charleston Place or similar establishments like that. The only times I get a little frisky is when I have to explain to a waiter or chef how to do a medium well steak right or need to address a poor Margarita mix.

It would be nice to carry so I don't get rudely interrupted by some thug or lunatic while I'm eating or coming in and out of the place. Be it a parking lot or parking complex. If some thug or lunatic who probably doesn't have a CWP or gets drunk or high and decides to pick on the elderly gentleman, who is simply trying to enjoy a meal, that's his problem. I'll be sober, use appropriate judgment and maintain my temper.

But just in case I would like an opportunity to defend myself. I hardly view that as a bad idea in general. I understand what happens in gun free zones.
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It's also against the law for us ccw to carry on Indian land (casinos)
How does this fly in Florida? Can you conceal carry into a liquor store.

We were at a Publix supermarket here in FL & this one had a Publix liquor store off to the side.
Overall one bldg. but the liquor store had it's own entry way,
you had to leave the grocery store & enter thru the front of the liquor store.
Never thought of it until then.

I think it's legal, they don't serve alcohol, they sell alcohol.
I'll check it out w/ my LGS that has CCW classes.
In Florida you can carry in a liquor store. You cannot carry in a bar. Grab Gutmacher's book for Florida laws. Also see

Gunvault in the truck, Gunvault in the 4 runner: GunVault NV100 NanoVault with Key Lock, Fits Sub-Compact Pistols: Home Improvement

Tuffy in the jeep: TJ 97-02 Tuffy Conceal Carry Underseat Security Drawer for Jeep Wrangler (With Flip Seat)

Sadly I hardly ever use any of them... I keep a knife and flashlight in the jeep box, but because my life revolves around work on a base and then going to a university campus M-F, I can't carry with me either place..
In Florida you can carry in a liquor store. You cannot carry in a bar. Grab Gutmacher's book for Florida laws. Also see

Yep, a liquor store is okay in Florida. It's interesting that here in Florida, if you go to a restaurant that has a bar, you have to stay out of the bar area...but can sit at a table in the dining area to eat your dinner...and consume alcohol.
Necrothread, but car safe solutions are always good to keep in mind.

I just picked up a NanoVault 100 and it works as advertised. I've got the advantage of having a drawer under the passenger seat in my Honda CR-V. The NV100 fits perfectly in that drawer and there's enough of an opening to allow the cable to pass through when the drawer is closed and secured. It's almost as if Honda constructed the drawer with the NanoVault in mind. VERY convenient.

A couple of tricks I've learned about the NV100. First, the rotten onion smell everyone complains about is still there. I can live with it, but I'm not sure if my wife can. If push comes to shove, I'll replace the felt and possibly the cable as well as I'm not sure whether the felt or the coating on the cable is the culprit.

Second, the end of the cable with the LARGE loop should be INSIDE the vault, not outside the vault. It's actually designed to fit down over the locking plate and slide into a notch under the plate. Problem is, the NV100 is so narrow that it's nearly impossible to orient the loop the way it's supposed to be oriented and still allow the cable to pass through the notch in the side of the vault. What I ended up doing instead was turning the loop 180 degrees around, securing it under the locking plate, and then turning the cable back around inside the vault and through the notch. I lose about 6" of cable length doing that, but at least it works. And it's FAR more secure doing it that way than just putting the small loop inside the vault unsecured and trusting the ferrule to hold it in place.

Last but not least, I keep $100 of emergency cash in the vault. I stacked the cash in two $50 stacks under the felt in the bottom of the vault and removed the felt from the top of the vault. When I do that, I can put my LCP holstered in my Nemesis inside the vault as unit, close up the vault, and everything remains secure . . . no movement whatsoever. Removing the top piece of felt might even help a little with the smell.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with GunVault. I registered my NV100 and told them about the odor problem I'm having. They're sending me a new NV100 free of charge and they told me I could keep the old one. They'll check the new one for smell before they send it to me. I guess you could say they got their CS issues straightened out!!! :thumbup:
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Yea, no bars. But you can go into a restaurant here in FL that has a bar, but just have to stay out of the bar area. Ironically, I can sit in the dining area to eat and have a drink. Every state is different. We have to know the statues when we travel out of state. The concealed carry license is too important to the other legal ramifications.

+1 toytraindoc
It's easy to forget when caring a small gun.
For myself, I have to be real careful when entering foreign hostile countries like Maryland and Washington DC. These two areas are known Liberal territories, close by and easily ventured into from the US especially Virginia where I live. They are heavily patrolled by Police near the borders looking for legal Virginia CCW owners. The only gun owners they want are the illegal thugs that inhabit their land and Country and they plan to keep it that way. Best to just avoid entering these countries.
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