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Be careful when you CCW

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I kind of screwed up today. Went shopping with the wife and I took my LCP in the pocket holster. We had a half hour to kill before meeting up with friends. So we went to a bar had a drink then met with our friend. After we got home I realized I still had my LCP in my pocket all that time. This gun is so easy to carry you forget you have it. It’s a no no to CCW in a bar. So be careful when carrying.
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Good morning Dave . Starting right in I see . I also live next to two states as you describe : New York and New Jersey . I try to avoid going there . The problem is they keep coming here . :confusion: Go west young man , go west . By the way , how come national carry is going nowhere fast ? They gave it good lip service , probably will never see the light of day .
I don't know, DR. If it ever gets to the point that I forget I'm carrying a gun, I'll probably stop carrying one. For me, that would be right up there with forgetting to take my driver's license when I go to drive my car.
So you got a few good years left ? We'll have to take away your bullets .
I can't remember ? What do you think this is , a Congressional hearing ?
Wow , that is a lot of anger , Dave . So you are saying all Virginia's problems started with this Governor ? Easy solution , vote him out . As far as releasing people serving long sentences for non violent crimes due to mandatory sentencing , that was a bipartisan cause popular with both Rep. and Dem . before the last election . Save the room for violent criminals . We incarcerate more people per capita than any other country on earth . Anything I read at Breitbart I would take would a grain of salt . Sorry , but our problems in the cities run deep and I don't pretend to know how to solve them but the family unit , education , and jobs need to be invested in . That should be a bipartisan cause . We need to get down to brass tacks and quit fighting over BS the media wants us to fight over to cover for our politician's ineptitude . Both parties are playing us like a fiddle while Rome burns .
Again , I would put the Daily Caller in the fake news category . Highly partisan . If you continue to get all your news from sources that reinforce your beliefs , you are only getting one view . Have to keep a open mind . This is where Congress has gone . It has paralyzed them into a non functioning entity . Until we can get past stigmatizing people who we disagree with , nothing gets done . Don't misinterpret me as sticking up for thugs . Thugs are thugs , and that won't change . I'm trying to talk rationally about what can be done to make a change . That doesn't make me a bleeding heart liberal . Look at that wack job yesterday . He was radicalized by the internet and the talking heads . Bad for America and bad for a functioning democracy .
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That is getting to the source right there . Parents nowadays are not raising the kids . Then the teachers get blamed for not transforming the little darlings into adults . Society started going down hill when middle class America started disappearing . Kids as young as 2 going into day care so both parents can support a household . No one instilling their values to the children . Over 50% divorce rate . No home life . A decent meal . Security in a stable home like we grew up in .
Yes , after WW 2 , we were living high on the hog . Suburbia grew . Interstate highways opening up America . Good jobs with pensions . Hell , we walked on the moon . Optimism galore . Then the playing field went flat and big business talked our gutless politicians into selling us out . Globalization is now the way of the world . Society pays the price . We need another Teddy Roosevelt to break up big business . It is not self regulating .
I truly think we're the lucky ones, pennsy. I have no confidence that what comes after us will be better than what brought us to this point. I just hope I'm not here to witness the lights go out in the Shining City on the Hill.
It is a shame . It doesn't have to be that way . All the disinformation out there is staring to take it's toll .
OK , a little better source . Still right leaning but at least it has a editor . I can not find any info concerning the number of released prisoners . Only restored voting rights to already released . I'm sure some were Rep . To not believe that is the same as pretending millions of illegal voters all voted Dem . Virginia was one of a small number of states that did not restore voting rights after serving their sentence . I do know that the drug laws were crafted with certain demographics in mind . Also social - economics come into play as far as who goes to jail for minor drug infractions . For instance , crack cocaine vs powder cocaine . A college kid caught with a joint vs a kid standing on a street corner . A public defender vs a daddy paid for attorney . As with everything , money talks . Again , I am not defending hardened criminals and I do believe they leave prison worse than they went in . Not all cities have it as bad as you describe Virginia Beach . NYC crime rates have been dropping for instance . Jobs , jobs , jobs . The mob has it's own responsibility to account for . They introduced the drugs into neighborhoods years ago . The problem exists , we have to figure a way forward . What do you suggest ?
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