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Awaiting Certification as NRA Basic Pistol Instructor

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Howard Cohodas successfully completed the course of instruction for the discipline of Basic Pistol Instructor on 2 November 2008. 8)

That's why I've been off line for several days.
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congrats........................and good for you.

I have never done any instructing in pistol shooting but I have served as an instructor in other areas and found it to be rewarding and a good way to your skills up to date.
I don't have current plans to teach. My goal in learning about teaching pistol shooting was to learn more about pistol shooting. I think I achieved that goal. A lot of what I was exposed to repeated some of what I learned from Todd Green via his web site The side benefit was pedagogy for pistol shooting. Understanding how to teach pistol shooting may help me in my own self improvement efforts.

I have felt that, in Ohio, what they teach in the CCW classes is insufficient. I have for some time been collecting material I thought would have been useful in such a class. I provide most of this material in this forum. When discussing my feelings and what I thought some additional content might be with my fellow students, there was some interest in my developing the concept further to supplement standard classes. I'm thinking about it.
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congrats, way to go Howard
NRA #101000112046662

I'm now official. Now time to volunteer with experienced trainers to learn some more. Truthfully, the only Basic Pistol Training skill I feel truly competent in is my abilities to make good PowerPoint slides.
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Congrads- Expanding ones knowledge is always a good thing. I have been asked many times to teach civilians. I'm considering teach a advance combat /survival handgun course after I retire.
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