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A .380 Astra Constable magazine fits and functions in an LCP. I bought one intending to weld it to a factory LCP magazine to make an extended magazine, since it was the cheapest, quality .380 mag in the box of random magazines at my favorite gun store. The first one I bought functioned flawlessly with no modifications. The second one I bought needed some material removed from the lips, but it was a 5 minute dremel job.

If you put an LCP follower in the Astra magazine you can get 8 rounds of capacity, stock capacity is 7-rounds. I paid about half as much for the Astra mag as a new Ruger one, but that's probably a better than average price. The back of the barrel which gives a "smilie" to cartridges in the Kel-tec 3AT and the LCP does hit the magazine, and I might dremel some material off there, but mine has fed 150 rounds so far without problem, including a fair bit of Corbon DPX.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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