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and anyone with any experience with reloads from Precision Cartridge?

We RV a lot, and I've always had a concern about just how far a .357Mag/.44Mag round will travel - especially if I forget to reload from the Castcore to JHP. The RV is just one more reason (for us) for a smaller caliber. The use of frangible rounds should significantly minimize the possibility of collateral damage.

My second potential use would be a basement indoor range. I have poured concrete walls, and welding together a bullet trap would be a snap. I have the room for a real nice 7m range. I know I might have to jump through some hoops (to shoot inside an occupied dwelling) but both the current and past Sheriffs are personal acquaintances. The Backyard range is fine most of time, except when we have a lot of snow or when it's really cold.

Thanks for any input.
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