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Anyone Make Target Sights For MK 3?

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My MK 3 hadn't been to the range in awhile but I took it yesterday along with my LCP .22 & Taurus TX22. MK 3 groups were half the size of the Taurus. At 10 yard I averaged 10 shot groups of 1 1/4" center to center, off hand. Opened up to 5" at 25 yards. I could do better with better sights. These are plinking sights not target sights. I stick 2" colored dots on my targets & they're the width of my front sight blade at 10 yards. Sights are stock except the front blade which is green fiber optic & same width as stock. Here's my question; Does anyone make target sights? They need to be much smaller to detect motion. It's harder to detect motion with large sights & a big gap in the rear sight. I need a thin front sight & a narrow gap in the rear sight for the precision to shoot tighter groups. Gap is .125" in the rear sight. Volquartsen makes a rear sight with a .11 gap but no front sight available. Dawson Precision had nothing for this Ruger. I don't want to go back to using my old red dot again. It worked but for me open sights is a little more satisfying. Maybe the Volquartsen rear sight is the best compromise available for $88 but front blade is still wider than my target past 10 yards. Trying to avoid having to spend $3K on a Pardini .22 just for better sights.
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