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It looks like I have to send my Lasermax Gripsense laser back for service/replacement.

I attached it, adjusted the aim, switched it to grip sense activation mode, and it had functioned normally as far as I could tell. Turned itself on when the grip is held, went off immediately when released. Seemed pretty foolproof as long as I kept a body part or piece of metal away from the sensor, it stayed off.

I finished running errands yesterday (88 degrees, 76% humidity, un-airconditioned car, fan on full blast, I was sweaty but the firearm only had sweat on the side of the grip facing my body), took my IWB holster out of my belt and set the pistol and holster down to put it away. I noticed the green dot on the wall and thought, "That shouldn't be on... ...and the dot looks a little less bright than normal... ...uh-oh...".

I got it out of the holster, hit the button on the side, and turned the laser off. It no longer seemed to be in gripsense activation mode. I held the two buttons down, it flashed once, and acted like it was in button activation mode. Held the buttons down again, got three flashes, appeared to still be in button activation mode.

Pretty quickly, the battery went flat. I got out my spare and installed it. After about fifteen minutes of button pushing, it seemed to go back into Gripsense activation mode, at least to turn on. But it would not turn off when my hand was moved away from the sensor. It would stay on and would not turn off until manually turned off with the button.

The contact page for Lasermax's website wanted the serial number, so I had to remove the laser from the pistol to find it on the inside. Everything looks clean, dry, and as original, on the inside. But, while filling out the contact form and describing the malfunction, the laser started acting completely normal, turning on and off with the sensor. I reattached it to the pistol, and set it to manual activation.

This morning I got an email from Lasermax with options of talking to them on the telephone or mailing the laser back for service/replacement. I am inclined to not trust it and send it back. I kind of scoffed at the comments that the battery would be dead when needed, because the batteries last an amazingly long time, as long as the laser is not on and lighting up a dot on the inside of your pants while you walk around all day long.

Not sure what to suspect as the culprit. Temperature? Humidity? Sweat?
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