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Today was the first trip to the range since I got my LCP back from the recall. First off, I just LOVE that Crimson-Trace.
Finished an open box of WWB-30 rounds all good.
1/2 box of Independence. First time for this ammo. Had one fail to eject, extractor took a bite out of the rim but case stayed in barrel blocking next round.
50 rounds Remington UMC. Also first time ammo. One fail to feed. Round hung on top of feed ramp.
25 rounds Silvertip, all good.
25 rounds Golden Saber- all good. This is my normal carry load. I had to tweak the C-T 1/4 turn after reinstalling it from pre-recall.

I also compared magazines. One with original base, two with Pearse exts. and the free one with the Ruger ext. The original rides up in my hand, making the laser switch change position. The Pearse were better, but the Ruger fits my hand best for the most secure grip and laser activation.

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