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Ankle holsters

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I've never used an ankle holster but I hear a lot (a lot) of people who think they are useless. Wouldn't one be good for when you are driving? Reach right down there and pull out the gun. Or at a resturant when you are sitting down? Just wondering. Seems like any gun with some weight to it would make it annoying to carry; but the LCP?
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I would have no problem using an ankle holster for my BUG, as far as using it for my primary carry, I dont think so. Its a long way down to my ankle(over my gut ;D ;D) to have reach for my primary. Having it there for instances like you are suggesting wouldnt be that bad as a back up. ;)
As a general rule, Ankle holsters are not ideal for most types of concealed carry situations except for the reasons you already mentioned. The most proven method is strong side, OWB carry because you can quickly and easily draw one handedly from practically any position. As mentioned also, an ankle rig would be nice for a BUG, but not for primary carry. If I spent most of my time in a car, I would consider ankle carry, cross draw, and a harness.
I have my LCP in a ankle holster almost all the time. I really don't like it in my pocket, have to much other stuff there. To me it is simple there, very comfortable. I don't feel it is out of the way, or to far down or whatever. Yes I would be faster to reach to my side and grab it but it is only another sec. away. I know 99% of the people think I am wrong and all that but it is my favorite place.
I find that my Uncle Mike's ankle holster supports the weight of the LCP just fine. It has an additional brace that straps to my calf for added support instead of just the holster and strap for the holster like in most other ankle set ups.
tigertonytigger said:
I have my LCP in a ankle holster almost all the time.... Yes I would be faster to reach to my side and grab it but it is only another sec. away.
My friend, you may want to seriously re-think your options when it comes to ankle carry.

Studies have shown that confrontations usually occur within 21 feet OR closer. It takes less than a couple of seconds for a BG to be upon you at that close of a distance. Do you really think you can afford that wasted second by bending over, then straighten up, point and shoot in less time than if you carried in your pocket or on your hip?

With the LCP in your pocket you can casually have your hand in your pocket on the gun, ready to draw if need be, without showing your weapon. You may want to have someone time you with someone else playing the BG starting the attack at 21 feet and see for yourself what big difference that 'second' makes at close range.

Just an opinion, yours may vary according to need....
Got the ankle holster in and it's pretty nice and comfy. I'll use it when I'm driving or having to sit down for a time. I can move it from ankle to pocket and still leave the ankle holster on. Don't really know it's there.

Thats what I am, if I can't stick the damn thing in my front pocket, it just doesn't go with me. But whatever floats ones boat is what one should do. I know alot who ankle carry the lcp and kt's. It must work, but for me just not the place I want to carry a gun.

it sure sounds "james Bondish" though doesn't it?????
If I were going to carry a third gun I might use ankle carry.

Advantages of ankle carry over pocket carry:
  • With a little practice it is equally accessible to both strong and weak hands.
  • Doesn't take up pocket space.

Advantages of pocket carry over ankle carry:
  • You can have your hand around the gun almost any time without attracting notice.
  • Much faster draw.
  • Much lower weapons retention concern.
  • Does not effect your ability to run.
  • "Non-gun people" have all seen ankle carry on TV, but few are familiar with pocket carry.
  • ToddG said:
    [*] "Non-gun people" have all seen ankle carry on TV, but few are familiar with pocket carry.
I've heard a story of a deputy/officer that was wrestling with a suspect and the suspect was gropping his legs/boots/ankles. After he was detained and asked what he was doing he told him "I thought you all had guns on your ankles...".

Dont remember who told me that or what agency or hell, I might of read it on a gun forum. I dunno, but something to think about...
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