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Don't overlook the Ammoman:

I've ordered from them in the past with good results. I ordered 1000 rounds of American Eagle brand (Federal) in .38spl. Since then, I've saved the brass (revolver shooter) and started trading it in on fully jacketed reloaded ammo from Mastercast (I'm a real frugal guy).

I see they have American Eagle brand .380 ammo (currently out of stock but coming again soon). It's round tipped in a nice full metal jacket. It should function well in the LCP. That's the same kind of ammo as the 38spl. stuff I got from them. Seemed to be very clean shooting and reasonably accurate to me.

It's going for $11.90 per box of 50 if you get 10 boxes at a time. That includes shipping.

That's probably a lot cheaper than Walmart WWB from what I've seen on other posts. I doesn't get much cheaper than $11.90 a box delivered to your door.

I have no connection with either of these ammo sources. I'm just trying to give everyone another ammo source or two to consider.
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