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For those of you NRA members who receive the "The American Rifleman" magazine monthly, there is an excellent & very professionally written review on the Ruger LCP II Lite Rack. This review is much, much more thorough than anything you'll find trying to watch the amateurish attempts done on You-Tube, by someone who just bought a camera and does more yapping than providing sound information.
Starting on page 68 of the August 2021 issue, the author goes masterfully through how this .22 rimfire chambered pistol performs and how well it operates.
If you don't actually subscribe to this magazine through your membership in the NRA, at least consider joining, or find one of your shooting buddies to lend you their copy. It's very well worth a read if you're contemplating the purchase of one of these pistols.
This same issue, from page 48 through to page 61 covers, professionally describes, all the various "carry pistols" that provide a "ride along" slide cut-out for an optic, which are becoming more and more popular ever since Glock provide the first style on the Glock 19 several years ago, and even some of the holster makers are now making provisions for carry guns with these optics attached. Nothing more frustrating than fumbling around, trying to retrieve a pistol from a pocket, especially now, with an optic attached, when one can make a smooth draw from a well made hip holster, like this Urban Carry 'Lock Leather' , Model 215-R holster for a Ruger LC9s 9mm pistol:

Makes the access for the need immediate.
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