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Am I Crazy to Want a Magazine Pouch for Pocket Carry?

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I am really liking my new LCP II! I'm debating keeping the Hogue HandAll grip sleeve on it because it slows down my draw-from-pocket, but that's a different issue. What I'm wondering about is this:

I carry in my back pocket most of the time, with a Bear Creek Back Pocket holster, but sometimes in the front pocket with a Sticky. But I prefer to carry with the 6-round-plus-1 and use the 7-round magazine as a backup. But I've been carrying the backup magazine "naked" in a front pocket, and wonder about the possibility of lint getting in it. I carry nothing else in that pocket, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't put the mag into a pocket pouch. If so, which one?

Blackhawk makes something called the Sportster Universal Mag Case that holds a single mag of any standard size (single stack or double stack) or a folding knife. Sticky makes a variety of pouches in different sizes and capacities, and I'm sure DeSantis and others make them, too.

The primary reason I'm reluctant to just go out and buy one is that they all seem to slow access to the mag. I'm thinking that if the SHTF and I've gone through 7 rounds, I want to be able to just drop the empty, dig into my pocket and insert a fresh load. Pouches have flaps or sides that bury the mag, and thus seem to require both hands to get to the ammo.

What does everyone else do? I don't feel the need to carry an extra mag with my 9mm or .38 carry guns. Maybe I'm just downplaying the value of .380?

ETA: Oh, I also don't want anything much larger than the mag itself, if I decide to go that way.
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I don't carry an extra mag with my LCP much either. If I do, it's in a nylon multi tool sheath that fits the mag perfectly. I'm not worried about that showing. It simply looks like a simple multi-tool on my belt.
I looked at the Clinger Mag Pouch and liked it! No flaps or Velcro to hinder access to the mag. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
If you like the Clinger, check out Remora too. They are about half the price and often on sale. I seem to get a free one when I get a holster from them, but don't carry an extra mag that often. Mostly use them for mag storage in my range bag.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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