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ALL BUYERS AND SELLERS MUST READ FIRST - Classifieds - General Guidelines

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WTS/WTT/WTB posts are considered private transactions between two parties. The Forum Administrator, Moderators, and all other persons are not responsible for the validity of the transaction. This includes the description, price, value, and completion of the transaction, nor shall they be held liable for the transaction, or injury or death arising out of use of such transacted items. The parties to the transaction are responsible for compliance with any local, state, or federal laws that may pertain to transacted items for sale or trade. NO NFA (Title II) ITEMS ALLOWED.

No commercial advertising allowed in the classifieds or the other boards. If you are a business wishing to advertise on this site contact us: [email protected]

No links to third party ads allowed. This section is for ElsiePea Forum members only to post their items
for sale and not that of third parties. Don't copy and paste classified listings from other forums on this site. If someone has something related to the LCP for sale on another forum, you can contact them and tell them about our site. They can then become a member and use the classifieds. You can always give our members a heads up about an item elsewhere by just posting "there's a LCP over on the site for sale".

Note: This is not an auction house nor is it a flea market (ONLY FIREARMS RELATED ITEMS CAN BE ADVERTISED). There will be NO BARGAINING, PRICE NEGOTIATING via post, e.g, "Hey, Joe, you've had such-and-such for sale for a long time, how about you knock off 50 bucks and I'll mail you a check" or "can you do any better on the price?" etc. etc. Such posts will be deleted immediately.

Minimum Post Count to place classifieds: 25
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Re: Classifieds - General Guidelines

To add to what Little Honcho said in the OP, member sales are considered private transactions between two individuals. assumes no responsibility for a "good sale gone bad." Should problems occur between the buyer and the seller, every attempt should be made between the parties to resolve via private messaging, phone or email. Grievances and complaints directed at either the buyer or the seller should not be aired publicly. In the event there is compelling evidence that fraud, deception or misrepresentation occurred, the culpable individual's membership will be terminated.

We like's rules of the road and hope they don't mind that we copied, pasted and adopted along with a few adds of our own:

# The condition of items for sale or trade should be described in an accurate and honest fashion. Problems and flaws worthy of note should not be concealed. A lie by omission is still a lie.

# Parties to a transaction should agree on details of the transaction, e.g., tracking number, insurance, carrier selection (USPS, UPS FedEx) before money or merchandise changes hands.

# Buyers should send payment promptly. To my mind, this means payment should be received by the seller within seven days after an agreement is struck, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both parties.

# Sellers should ship merchandise promptly. To me, this means shipment within seven days after payment is received, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon by both parties.

# Response to queries by the other party should be prompt. Responses to emails, PMs, and phone calls should be made within 24 hours, unless mitigating circumstances exist.

# Members when communicating intent to sell/buy should NOT post personal information, e.g., email address, last name, Pay Pal account address, phone number, etc. This is for security reasons and for the buyer's/seller's protection. Personal data will be deleted from a post immediately, no exceptions. Such information should be transmitted via private messaging only.

# If the seller has gone the extra mile to make the transaction as smooth as possible, feel free to let your fellow members know. He/she (the seller) deserves a pat on the back and it's a vote of confidence to anyone who may consider buying from that person in the future.
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All classifieds will be deleted without notification after (60) days unless we receive a request for a one-time (30 day) extension. Additionally, all classifieds will be deleted immediately upon notification that the item/s has been sold. Please help us to keep the classifieds "fresh." Thanks, the Elsie Staff.
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