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Aguila 95 gr. a problem for LCP

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Bought 3 boxes of this ammo at a gunshow and the majority of rounds would not chamber all the way. Ruger said the Aguila was not made to SAAMI specs but agreed to replace the barrel. I received the replacement barrel about 2 weeks later. The repair slip said, "We cannot guarantee the function of the pistol with Aguila ammunition."

Sure enough, the Aguila still didn't chamber fully in the replacement barrel. Sent an e-mail to Aguila's importer for replacement or reimbursement. Waiting for a reply.
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Good Luck with that, I dont really see them refunding you, but you never know! Keep us posted.
Got a call from Aguila's importer. They said to pack up the ammo with a letter explaining the problem and they will have UPS pick them up.
Thanks for the update
I just shot 50 rounds of this with no problems at all. I bought another 50 so I guess we will see what that brings
Use it with my LCP with no problem. Also works great in the P232, NAA Guardian and both Mustangs.
Works good in mine also, Never had any trouble.

at one time when I owned the kt 380, aquilla was my best buy in ammo. but I haven't seen it around in a looooong time and it is more pricey than other brands. I think it is good ammo, but u could have gotten some bad stuff to.

If you get a refund, you will be lucky, more than likely you will get 3 boxes back and then you can try themn. If they don't work, just ignore the aqualli line of ammo. lots of good brands out there that will work perfect in your lcp.
I used a box of FMJ Aguila the other day with no problems, hope it continues to work as I have 200 more rounds for target practice. I use Hydrashocks or Gold Dots for carry--and they are too precious and expensive now to plink at paper with.
maybe its just me, but except for .22's for plinking, i only buy brand name ammo
or perhaps something that i heard good things about
and then i'll try it...

but mostly i stick with good names.

some of this new funky defense ammo i will try if there are enough posts about it.

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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