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You have to carry the biggest firearm you can carry. That depends upon your circumstances.

The 32 ACP is a special round... it has a modest rim, I've been told because it was intended for revolvers as well as self loaders. The round has low pressure, peaking at roughly 20,500 psi. The 32 ACP has a low charge weight, which makes suppression easier. Normally bullet grain weight is 71 grains.

There have been observations that the 32 ACP is prone to locking on the rims in a magazine.

The 380 ACP is rimless. Peak pressure a little bit more than the 32 acp, about 21,500. Normally bullet weight is around 95 grains. The 380 has a base similar to the 223 (not the same but close) and shares the ease for staggered column magazines.

Polite reminder - the Soviets shot roughly 22,000 Polish elites with Walther 2 25 ACP handguns. One shot each, every ninety seconds, for ten hours a night. Shot placement counts for a lot. The SS at Trebelinka managed prisoners using 380 ACP and 32 ACPs, thousands of them, at their phony "hospital". One "pill" to each condemned, with a "neck shot". The Auschwitz some SS began to use air rifles aiming at the base of the skull.

Shot placement really does count for a lot.

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