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+1 for Store!

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Wow, top notch guys! I placed my order for a LCP magazine (wish I could afford more but one will do for now) on Friday, magazine received on Monday! Thanks!
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I agree too. The store is wonderful. I have received my Crimson Trace already, Its a gift to me,so cant open it yet,but the service from them and Midwest Tactical was great.
Same here, I was impressed with how fast it came. Great prices and Great service.
Thank you guys. I will pass the good word on to the warehouse staff.
Must agree. A+++ service. Got my Pachmyr grip fast. Thanks a lot. Have ordered the small pistol box on order now. Have dealt with this outfit on Ebay as well with the same great service. Keep up the great job and thanks to all the warehouse guys and girls too.
I would like to add a comment also. Super fast shipping and great prices from te elsiepea store. Thanks.
Ditto all the above! I ordered an LCP mag Thursday afternoon, just arrived, Saturday morning! They had what I needed in stock, price was right and service was great! Now...need a few bucks for that CT! :D
+1 for me too. Fast shipping and great communication.
I have nothing but praise for the store, both for prices and efficient operation. We need to support it as it supports the forum.
Yep, they got me for about $50 on Saturday. I ordered the +2 extension an extra magazine and a Handall Jr. I'm hoping it will all be here by Friday when I plan on taking the girl for another ride at the range! I also got a little carried away and ordered the Nitesiters and Wolff Springs at the same time. When the new springs show up I'm also going to take my Dremel to the feedramp and watch her bling-bling! You guys have created a freaking monster with all these LCP upgrades!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Add me to the cheering section! Nice simple web site, easy ordering, quality products delivered as promised - not much more you could ask for.
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