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  1. LCP Technical
    I happened at the range, and happens when I dry fire. The Trigger Bar pops off of the pin on the Trigger Pivot. Of course, I have "benched" Elsie Pea until I can sort this out. The problem looks twofold: 1. The pin at the end of the Trigger Pivot is a bit "rounded off". 2. The hole in the...
  2. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    SOLD: RTK Sweet Pea Trigger for LCP - Like New I have an RTK Sweet Pea trigger for sale. Like new condition This is for the LCP WITH the dash in the serial#. It is the BRITE version, which is black on the front and back of the trigger, and polished aluminum on the sides. If you want all...
  3. LC9 Discussion
    Ok, no hate replies please (reference to my other firearm will surely spawn strong opinions): Took the LC9 to the range for the first time today and I could not hit for crap. I know it's a long trigger pull (function of being DAO?), but no matter how hard I tried to steady it, I couldn't find...
1-3 of 3 Results