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  1. LCR Discussion
    This is the LCR that I wish they would make. I hope the line continues to expand.
  2. LCR Technical
    I know this topic has been covered a lot, however I was wondering if anyone knows if this particular torque wrench works with the LCR. It seems to be made specifically for firearms, and isn't going to break my budget. Any advice would be appreciated! Wheeler Engineering FAT (Firearm...
  3. LCR Discussion
    On another Ruger forum there has been some discussion about the LCR, especially the 357 version, shooting low. The point of impact is significantly below the point of aim. Lots of suggestions about grip, flinching, loads, however this seems to be common enough to suggest the front sight is...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I am Marine Corps Vet and I am proud to have purchased my first handgun. Through much research I decided to go with the LCR for dual purpose, concealment and home defense. I will be getting a semi-auto later on for home defense. I recently purchased the LCR .38 with the Lasermax...
  5. LCR Technical
    Has anyone had any issues with the LCR jamming? Picked up the gun two days ago and it dry fired fine. Fired 1 live round and the gun jammed. I was able to remove all the rounds but when trying to dry fire it jammed again. Any suggestions?
  6. LCR Accessories
    Available here: Pocket Holsters / Comfortable Concealed Pocket Holsters, Purse Holsters, & Wallet Holsters. (scroll down the page for details). It uses our re-positionable extension paddle for stability. Made in Tucson, Arizona.
1-6 of 6 Results