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  1. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    Ruger LCP mags, Pearce Grips. and misc. package Factory Ruger LCP 6rd magazine value 2-pack ($35.95) Pearce Grip mag extensions (PG-LCP) 2-pack ($11.95) Factory Ruger LCP soft sided zippered pouch ($7.00) Factory Ruger sticker ($2.00) All items are new unopened. Asking $30 for everything...
  2. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    Olight i1R EOS rechargeable keychain flashlight. New unopened. $14.50 SOLD to Verticoli
  3. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    Ruger LCP Pocket Holster (SOLD) SOLD Thank you.
  4. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    Sold All sold. Thanks!
  5. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    LCP Holster SOLD Thank you.
  6. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    (2) more Ruger LCP Pocket Holsters (SOLD) SOLD Thank you.
  7. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    (2) Ruger LCP Pocket Holsters (SOLD) SOLD Thank you.
  8. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    (Sold) Leather Pocket Holster (LCP) SOLD Thank you.
  9. General LCP Discussion
    I recently had to disassemble and reassemble my LCP 2 which gave me insight to the inner workings of the gun. Question: If the hammer catch spring (the spring putting tension on the sear) were to break, would the sear be able to catch the hammer still? If the sear were loose with no spring...
  10. LCP Technical
    Greetings, I have encountered a problem with my LCP II. I field stripped my LCP II last night for a typical cleaning session. I accidentally dropped my LCP II frame on the floor and the magazine spring and mag release popped out of the gun... I tried putting these parts back in, but realized...
  11. New Member Introductions
    greetings ruger forum members ! This is spartan, checking in from detroit area. Just joined and hope i'll be able to contribute information helpful to ruger enthusiasts, as well as hear from other ruger firearms owners and prospective owners. Btw, my philosophy on knowledge: None of us know...
  12. General LCP Discussion
    A few weeks ago we bought another GEN2 and tossed it in the safe for a rainy day. But because my fear has grown stronger [that Ruger may soon discontinue it] I decided to pickup another today. Called a dozen shops within 60 minutes of us and only three had any in stock, the others said they've...
  13. General LCP Discussion
    I picked up my first Ruger LCP II today at a local shop. Once I got it home and took a closer look I noticed that on the top left side and center of the exposed barrel (Where the bullets eject) it is already scraped and showing metal. If I pull the slide back slowly it looks like the left side...
  14. LCP Accessories
    Hello, this is my first post. I have been looking for a holster for my LCP with the Crimson Trace Defender Series site on it and I'm having a hard time locating any for it. I see the holsters with the original Crimson Trace site but not the Defender Series version. Have any of you been able...
  15. New Member Introductions
    I just got the LCP for an easier everyday carry. Had my first day on the range with it yesterday and was very pleased, getting good groups after less than a box of 50. I will probably have to paint that front sight, though.
  16. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    I have two NIB LC9 mags for sale or trade. $15 a piece shipped or trade 2 for one, for 7 round LCP mag or 9 round LC9S mag. E-mail [email protected] or PM.
  17. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    I have a Bear Creek inside the waistband holster and a magazine holster for sale. Right hand, light brown, never worn. Both for $80 shipped This one is a kydex pocket holster for right side as well. Forgot where I ordered it from. $20 shipped
  18. General LCP Discussion
    I have had my LCP for a few years and today at the range it blew up. Yes, literally blew up. I thought I had lost a few fingers and of course this type of failure can be fatal but luckily besides some pretty serious bruising of my hand and fingers I think I am ok. I was using good ammo to, not...
  19. General LCP Discussion
    Bought my lcp new on 9/12/2014 Bad News: Sent LCP in this past week, for the 3rd time, to ruger for repair work and they informed me it was not fixable, frame damage, and the gun will be destroyed per compliance with 1968 gun control act because the serial number is embedded in the frame...
1-19 of 34 Results