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  1. LCP Accessories
    Can anyone please recommend a Dry Fire Laser Training System compatible with the LCP II? I just cannot find any for the .22LR. Thanks!
  2. LCP Technical
    Greetings, I have encountered a problem with my LCP II. I field stripped my LCP II last night for a typical cleaning session. I accidentally dropped my LCP II frame on the floor and the magazine spring and mag release popped out of the gun... I tried putting these parts back in, but realized...
  3. LCP Technical
    Hello, I have been reading some issues having the slide lock no activating properly after you shoot the last round but mine is locking after every round. I proceeded to field strip and check for debris holding it up but it was clean still (only had fired 12 rounds through). I noticed that the...
  4. General LCP Discussion
    A few weeks ago we bought another GEN2 and tossed it in the safe for a rainy day. But because my fear has grown stronger [that Ruger may soon discontinue it] I decided to pickup another today. Called a dozen shops within 60 minutes of us and only three had any in stock, the others said they've...
1-4 of 5 Results