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  1. LC9 Discussion
    Hi all, I've searched this forum but have not found this problem mentioned. However I have had some interesting reading. I've had my LC9s since August 2016 and have probably put about 500 rounds through it. I really love to shoot it but lately it has developed a problem where the slide locks...
  2. LC9 Discussion
    Ok I just got my lc9s about a week ago after doing some shooting with it we took it inside, I got a lesson in how to take it down & clean etc. After getting it back together all seemed fine. .then a few days later I got it out to show my sister. Well with an empty magazine I drew the slide back...
  3. LC9 Technical
    Hi all, I'm a bit of a newbie here but in high hopes that someone can help me out. I watched a few videos online and followed a tutorial to remove the magazine disconnect in my lc9s. Worked like a charm, got everything put back together, put the slide on, cocked it and tried to dry...
  4. LC9 Accessories
    Hello I just purchased a ruger LC9S for my wife but she does not like the grip. I seen Pachmayr makes the rubber grip sleeves but only seen them for LC9. The LC9 grip will it fit on the LC9S model? I'm thinking it won't but I'm hopeful it will. I appreciate your help.
  5. For Sale, For Trade, Wanted To Buy
    I have two NIB LC9 mags for sale or trade. $15 a piece shipped or trade 2 for one, for 7 round LCP mag or 9 round LC9S mag. E-mail [email protected] or PM.
  6. LC9 Discussion
    Just bought a new LC9s, and have put about 200rds thru it. Love the new trigger! One problem I have run into though, is that when I use the extended grip floor plate, the magazine releases almost every time I shoot, resulting in FTF. I've had no problems using the same magazines with the flat...
1-6 of 6 Results