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  1. CCW/CHL
    You’ve made the decision to carry a firearm. Maybe you’ve already picked out your gun, and maybe you’ve already shot it. Now, it’s time to wear it. But it can be confusing knowing where to start. After all, there are holsters that clip on the outside of your pants, ones that fit on the inside...
    Ruger LCP Pocket Holster (SOLD) SOLD Thank you.
    LCP Holster SOLD Thank you.
    (2) more Ruger LCP Pocket Holsters (SOLD) SOLD Thank you.
    (2) Ruger LCP Pocket Holsters (SOLD) SOLD Thank you.
    (Sold) Leather Pocket Holster (LCP) SOLD Thank you.
  7. Alien Gear Holsters
    Concealed Carry During Hot Weather - Four Tips to Make CCW Life Easier How to Carry Concealed When It?s Hot Outside - Alien Gear Holsters Blog Concealed carry is immeasurably easier spring, fall, and winter than it is in summer. Here are some tips to enjoy the warmth without revealing your...
  8. Alien Gear Holsters
    It's that time of year and the #CarryCopia Contest is on! Win a prize package of over $1000.00 thanks to our partners in giveaway crime including: · Magpacker · Smith and Bradley Watches · Buck Knives · Breath Through Clean · Drago Gear · Ultra...
  9. Alien Gear Holsters
    Whether you are a seasoned pro or a complete novice looking to get a handle on safe firearms practices, this guide from Alien Gear Holsters has the tips, tricks and knowledge that you need to understand basic firearm safety.. Continue reading at...
  10. Alien Gear Holsters
    From the Alien Gear Holsters Blog: The Pros and Cons of Cross Draw Cross draw has hit some heavy criticism in online gun forums. Competition shooters have largely shewed the idea altogether because it adds milliseconds to their time. Serious minded gun owners may have followed suit – but for...
  11. Alien Gear Holsters
    A lot of companies are starting to catch on: responsible concealed carriers are a force multiplier in terms of keeping employees and customers safe. Only a few short months ago, a T-Mobile employee used his concealed carry handgun to neutralize two armed robbers in a store in Chicago. He...
    I have a Bear Creek inside the waistband holster and a magazine holster for sale. Right hand, light brown, never worn. Both for $80 shipped This one is a kydex pocket holster for right side as well. Forgot where I ordered it from. $20 shipped
  13. Alien Gear Holsters
    Alien Gear Holsters is proud to announce the newest addition to our holster lineup, the Concealed Carry Combo! This combination is complete for open or concealed carry use. Our IWB/OWB Holster Combo provides the leather for both and inside the waistband (IWB) hybrid holster and an outside...
  14. LCP Accessories
    I have been wanting to write about Kusiak Leather holsters. They make, (my opinion) the best conceal holster out there. I have purchased many holsters in my life, and I have to say they are top notch ! I have some pictures i will be posting soon. Check them out and let me know what you think ...
  15. LCR Accessories
    Hello all, I Just purchased the LCR 38 with the LaserMax sight. I have found some web sites that say their holsters will work with my model however I have yet to see a single picture on the web of one of these holsters with my specific gun. Can anyone help me out? Need some guidance. Any help...
  16. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I am Marine Corps Vet and I am proud to have purchased my first handgun. Through much research I decided to go with the LCR for dual purpose, concealment and home defense. I will be getting a semi-auto later on for home defense. I recently purchased the LCR .38 with the Lasermax...
  17. LCR Accessories
    Available here: Pocket Holsters / Comfortable Concealed Pocket Holsters, Purse Holsters, & Wallet Holsters. (scroll down the page for details). It uses our re-positionable extension paddle for stability. Made in Tucson, Arizona.
  18. LCP Accessories
    I had been using one of those holsters that has the high friction rubbery outside, but I found I'm generally only grabbing my lcp when I need to pocket carry, and that ended up being way too thick in the pocket for my liking. So I made this very simple kydex cover to cover the trigger guard and...