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LCP Pocket

General LCP Discussion

All things LCP...
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LCP Technical

FAQ's, maintainence, modifications, etc.
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LCP Accessories

Holsters & After Market Parts - Laser Sights, Barrels, Grips, etc.
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Range Card

Cut to the chase - how does it shoot??
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LCR Discussion

Ruger's new LCR revolver in 38 SPC ETA 3.1.09
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LCR Technical

LCR repairs, mods, & general user service
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LCR Accessories

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LC9 Discussion

Discuss Ruger's new LC9
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LC9 Technical

LC9 Mods, repair, & general user service
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LC9 Accessories

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SR Discussion

Discuss Ruger's SR Lineup of Firearms here.
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SR Technical

Technical discussions for Ruger SR firearms.
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SR Accessories

Discussions on Ruger SR accessories.
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Ruger Standard & MK Pistols

Ruger Standard

The first Ruger pistol
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Ruger MK I

Ruger MK I pistol discussions
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Ruger MK II

Ruger MK II pistol discussions
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Ruger MK III

Ruger MK III pistol discussions
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Ruger MK IV

Ruger MK IV pistol discussions
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Ruger American Pistol

Ruger American Discussion

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Ruger American Technical

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Ruger American Accessories

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Other Firearms

Semi Autos

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Wheel Guns

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Rifles, Shotguns, & other Long Guns

Discuss your favorite long guns here
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Air, Gas, and Spring Guns

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For discussion of firearms utilizing Rimfire Ammunition.
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Light & Blade

The Light

Illuminate here
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The Edge

All things sharp and pointy
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Pics and Vids


Post your photos and videos of your lil' Elsie!
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Ruger P-Series Pistols

Ruger P-Series Discussion

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Ruger P-Series Technical

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Ruger P-Series Accessories

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General Category

General Non-Firearm Discussion

Feel free to talk about everything else here.
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General Firearm Discussion

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Training & Defensive Scenarios

General firearms training and defensive tactics
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2nd Amendment Discussion

News pertinent to the RKBA
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Concealed Carry news, tactics, & methods.
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Elsie's Ladies Board

A place for Elsie's Female Fans to gather and discuss what's on their mind.
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Ammo Cache

Ammo - discussion of all factory ammunition in all calibers
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Reload Bench

Reloading Q&A. Remember to verify all Load Data for your safety.
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Mods, repairs, upgrades, all your technical Q&A
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Sell your stuff, Trade your stuff, Get your stuff...
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Vendor Advertisements

EPF Sponsors advertise their specials here...
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You can leave feedback on any transaction you participate in as a buyer or seller on our WTB/WTS/WTT Board
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Information for vendors on site sponsorship and banner ads.
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Vendor Deals

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Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters - Hayden, ID
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Got an idea or suggestion for the board? Having a problem with the forum or your account? Here's your slot!
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  1. General LCP Discussion Ruger trying out for the General Motors of gun makers? Not reliable on delivery but hey! We'll fix it. With my 380 LCP II, I had to go through two iterations with Ruger to get it running right. And thankfully now it's running great. The .22lr version had been working fine...
  2. Trump may just be able to get rid of the ridiculous fee's and red tape. High time this ridiculous crap went into the gutter. :angel: Deregulation of Firearm Suppressors a Reality Under President Trump - Breitbart
  3. I bought the gun earlier this year and it's been firing and cycling fine (after the first round in the magazine, but that's another problem). I fired at the range yesterday, all was well, but when I went to clean it today, it wouldn't rack. The slide will move back about 1/8 " and then stops. If...
  4. 2nd Amendment Discussion
    Will the ammo shortage end after Pres. Trump gets re elected? I believe people are worried that if Biden is elected, many new restrictions will be implemented. They will try to get around the 2nd amendment by doing such as - Stop internet sales of ammo - Require back ground...
  5. Hello all I polished the feed ramp on my lcp 2 it still struggles to feed Speer gold dot. It works most of the time but still struggles every once in awhile. Anyways my question was what do I do to the polished parts to protect them from rust? Thank you
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